Make It Happen!

Episode 1

Make it Happen is a glimpse into the life of young female entrepreneur Mariah Kalhor, as she shares tips and tricks for how you can make it happen in your life. In this episode, Mariah talks about how she and her family built their dream wedding venue Huckleberry Hill Barn, and we also spend a little time with the Kalhor family as they enjoy one of Oklahoma's premiere holiday attractions, the Chickasha Festival of Light.

Make It Happen!

Episode 2

This episode, we take you along for a quick trip to Kansas City to show the behind the scenes footage of how being a busy mom can be managed. A quick glimpse into some team building activities and training as well as the once a year Kalhor Group Realty agent award ceremony! Sharing small glimpses into Mariah's world to help pave the path for future episodes of learning how to make it happen in your life!

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